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Sim Racing Rig Frame by Ireco Motorsport for games
Sim Racing Rig Frame by Ireco Motorsport for games
Sim Racing Rig Frame by Ireco Motorsport for games
Sim Racing Rig Frame by Ireco Motorsport for games

Sim Racing Rig Frame by Ireco Motorsport for games

  • Ireco Motorsport Sim Rig Box Steel
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Ireco Motorsport Sim Racing Rig - Guarantee of Stiffness and Authentic Sim Racing Experience



We invite you to discover the excellent Ireco Motorsport Rig - a true engineering masterpiece that perfectly meets the highest demands of racing simulation enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional driver or a beginner enthusiast, this rig will provide you with authentic and uncompromising sim racing experiences.



Robust Construction for Unparalleled Stiffness:

The Ireco Motorsport Rig is the result of years of experience in manufacturing safety cages for high-performance racing cars. Therefore, you can rest assured that the product will meet your expectations when it comes to exceptional stiffness and reliability. Its 155 cm length, 63 cm width, and 63 cm height create a unified structure made of professionally welded tubes, ensuring uncompromising stability.


Thoughtful Adjustment and Ergonomics:

We constantly prioritize comfort and personalization for our customers. The rig offers numerous adjustment options, allowing you to perfectly tailor it to your individual preferences. Height, distance from the driver, tilt angles - all of these can be freely adjusted to make you feel like a real racing driver in a high-performance car on the track. Additionally, we offer the option to personalize the color scheme so that your rig reflects your automotive passion. In standard white and black colors, if you are interested in a different color, please contact our customer service department.


Aesthetic Design and Carbon Fiber Details:

This rig for sim racing not only provides exceptional experiences but also captivates with its appearance. Therefore, we pay attention to details, crafting two protective strips from genuine carbon fiber and adding a decal with an individual order number, evoking the atmosphere of sports championships.


Perfect Position and Vibration-Free:

While driving on this box steel, you will feel that the seating position has been designed with the highest comfort in mind. Full adjustment of the position, height, tilt of the seat, and peripherals ensures that your actions on virtual tracks are natural and precise. Moreover, annoying vibrations and unpleasant noises have been completely eliminated, thanks to the use of professional "eight" screws commonly used in high-performance cars.


Authentic Sim Racing Experiences:

The Ireco Motorsport Rig for Sim Racing is not just a device; it is a gateway to the world of real motorsport. Thanks to its faithful reproduction of the interior of the Skoda Fabia R5 evo, you will feel like a professional driver on a real track. This authenticity will draw you into the virtual world of sim racing, and you will immerse yourself in the competition, fulfilling your dreams of victory.




The Ireco Motorsport Sim Rig is a simulator that guarantees excellence and no compromises above all. It not only meets the highest standards of quality and durability but also provides unforgettable experiences during racing simulations. It's not just about stiffness; authenticity and passion for sim racing matter too. If you are looking for a device that fully satisfies your requirements, then this Ireco Motorsport Sim Rig is just for you. Discover the true power of racing simulations and immerse yourself in the world of motorsport, where there is no room for compromises. This is a unique opportunity to experience the emotions of a real racing driver without leaving your home.


Choose the Ireco Motorsport Sim Rig and dive into the world of sim racing without limits!



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