SWAP BMW M54 with ZF 8HP Automatic Transmission

SWAP BMW M54 with ZF 8HP Automatic Transmission

Classic with Modern Combo: SWAP BMW M54 with ZF 8HP Automatic Transmission

For automotive enthusiasts who dream of combining the classic BMW M54 engine with the modern super-fast ZF 8HP automatic transmission, PMC Motorsport has a solution that brings together the best of both worlds. Our aluminum adapter serves as a bridge between the reliable BMW M54 units and the advanced ZF 8HP automatic transmission, including the 8HP70, 8HP75 for diesel variants, and 8HP50, 8HP51 for gasoline models

BMW M54: The Engine That Became a Legend in the World of Swaps and Tuning

The BMW M54 engine is a powerplant that has long gained immense popularity in the automotive world, especially in the realm of swaps and tuning. It's a reliable source of power and performance that offers significant possibilities for automotive enthusiasts.

The popularity of the BMW M54 Engine in Swaps

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the M54 engine is its versatility and availability. This engine was installed in many BMW models, making it relatively easy to find in the secondary market. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to perform an engine swap while still enjoying the BMW brand.

Tuning Possibilities of the M54 Engine

The BMW M54 engine also offers substantial tuning possibilities. Thanks to its robust construction and well-engineered design, it's an engine capable of handling significantly more power than what it delivers from the factory. Here are a few aspects that attract tuning enthusiasts: The M54 engine excels when paired with a turbocharger, allowing for a substantial increase in power.

BMW M54 is not just a legendary engine but also a piece of automotive history that continues to inspire and captivate. Its popularity as an engine for swaps and tuning makes it a true treasure for car enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of racing, drifting, or simply desire extra power under the hood of your BMW, the M54 is the perfect solution.


ZF 8HP: Revolution in Automatic Transmissions

ZF 8HP transmissions represent a true revolution in the field of automatic gearboxes. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and driving comfort, they offer numerous advantages:

  • Fast Gear Changes: ZF 8HP is renowned for its incredibly quick gear shifts, resulting in dynamic acceleration.
  • Precision: Thanks to advanced electronics, the transmission adapts to your driving style, ensuring smooth transitions between gears.
  • Efficiency: ZF 8HP is also known for its fuel efficiency, allowing you to enjoy performance without excessive fuel consumption.

Why Choose PMC Motorsport Adapter?

  • Experience: Our products are chosen by customers worldwide, both for everyday users and in the motorsport world.
  • Professionalism: We make every effort from design to production. By using advanced technology such as measurement arms and 3D scanners, and conducting rigorous testing, we ensure the reliability of our adapters.
  • Quality: We prioritize certified materials and quality control at every stage of production, confirmed by the ISO PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
  • Perfect Alignment: Our adapters provide perfect engine-to-transmission alignment.
  • Made in the EU: Everything is produced within the European Union.
  • Support: Our specialists are ready to assist in choosing the right product and offer post-sales support.

Installation of BMW M54 - ZF8HP Transmission Adapter

To install our BMW M54 - ZF8HP transmission adapter, it is necessary to use the flywheel / starter ring / flexplate from the BMW N57 B57 B58 engine, as well as the torque converter with 6 mounting screws from the BMW N57 B57 B58. It will also be necessary to cut out a space for the starter motor in the ZF 8HP transmission.

Swapping the BMW M54 engine with the ZF 8HP automatic transmission is the perfect solution for those who don't want to compromise between performance and comfort. With the PMC Motorsport adapter, you can enjoy the best features of both components, making your car unique and even more exciting to drive. Feel free to contact our team of experts via Facebook, Instagram, or email: office@pmcmotorsport.com to learn more. If you have any questions or need additional information about the M54 engine and ZF 8HP transmission, don't hesitate to reach out to us.